We strategise, design and build products and services that add value to people's lives through fulfilling a need or satisfying a desire.

Our purpose is to establish new businesses making a social difference.

Through insights, future vision and human-centric design - we empower people, create change and instigate shared experiences that deliver tangible results.

Why are we making Kahoot!? A segment from Co-founder Johan Brand's keynote at Helsinki Design Week 2012

We take a holistic approach...

  • Creative strategy to make our product experience logical and easy to interact with.
  • User interface design that is tangible, practical and elegant, which guides the user's journey with pixel-perfect clarity.
  • Branding to create emotionally engaging interactions that meet business objectives.

…which produces results like these.

We Are Human, together we're something else.

We lead specialist teams dedicated to the challenge at hand.

…a startup Startups

We bring ideas to life. With a focus on the business model we'll ensure the product or service adds real value to the end user and customer.

…a growth company Established organisations or brands

We know how to apply innovation to achieve objectives. Through actionable thought leadership, we inspire teams to develop future-proof products and services.

…an organisation or government Consultancies

We know what's coming. We live and breathe it. We are lean, agile & fearless. We can field the expertise to future safe your strategies, and create actionable results for organisations or city and national governments.



We Are Human is a platform to invest in great ideas and make them happen. By co-creating innovative new businesses, we can have impact in areas where we have a strong passion and desire to influence, improving our knowledge and skillset along the way.



We co-founded Mobitroll with the Norwegian University of Technology & Science, launching game-based learning platform Kahoot! to public beta at the end of August 2013. As of December 2013 we have 15,000+ active users a day in 88 countries, instigating moments like this.

Lean League

Lean League

Alongside Lingo, and in true lean style, we are in the process of setting up Lean League - to democratise entrepreneurship through making entrepreneurial education accessible, affordable and actionable to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Nordic Connection

Nordic Connection

Nordic Connection is a celebration of entrepreneurial links between the Nordic economies and London. A joint project between We Are Human, Lingo and The Trampery, it's also supported by UK Trade & Investment, TechCity Investment Organisation and ICT Norway. Facilities to open in TechCity 2014.

Special Advisors

Special Advisors

We are special advisors to London workspace creators The Trampery, and the City of Oslo - which has seen us instigate a special friendship between Hackney and Oslo, celebrated at the Oslo Meets Hackney event in December 2013. We also advise a portfolio of growth companies in our core sectors.



We speak and run workshops at conferences globally including OECD Forum, SXSW, Helsinki Design Week and Service Design in Tourism. We tutor at UCL's Mobile Academy, are Apps For Good Experts and are helping set up a new course in music entrepreneurship at the London Centre for Contemporary Music.

Other contributions and partnerships.
Hosting WIRED and Tech City News on an insights tour

Hosting WIRED and Tech City News on an insights tour

Sat on the 2013 BAFTA Children's Awards jury for Multiplatform category

Sat on the 2013 BAFTA Children's Awards jury for Multiplatform category

Nominated for a LAUNCHedu award at SXSWedu 2013

Nominated for a LAUNCHedu award at SXSWedu 2013

Visited Silicon Valley as part of the Norwegian Royal Business Delegation

Visited Silicon Valley as part of the Norwegian Royal Business Delegation

The We Are Human co-creatives:
Co-Founder Johan Brand

Johan Brand

Managing Director @johanbrand
Co-Founder Jamie Brooker

Jamie Brooker

Creative Director @jamiebrooker
Resident Morgan Ritchie

Morgan Ritchie

Chief Doodler @morganritchie
Resident George Agnelli

George Agnelli

Creative Technologist @georgeagnelli

Network Greg Copeland

Greg Copeland

Creative Strategist @gregcopeland
Network Andy Kleeman

Andy Kleeman

Creative Technologist @tbwcf
Network Elizabeth Lovius

Elizabeth Lovius

Leadership Coach @elizabethlovius
Network Matt Hyde

Matt Hyde

Digital Product & Brand Designer

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